Pan Arab Research Center: Media Research
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PARC’s Multi-media Surveys offer comprehensive audience measurement on a national scale for the following media:
PARC: Multi-media Surveys

1. Daily Newspapers
2. Monthly Magazines
3. Weekly Magazines
4. Television
5. Radio
6. Cinema Outdoor Lifestyle
7. Computer & Internet

  • National
  • All governorates of the country, in 3 strata: urban, sub-urban, and rural.
Sampling Method:
  • Stratified multi-stage random probability sampling
Survey Method:
  • Combined multiple exposures of the same target group members through different media.
  • Personal face-to-face interviews with adults 15 years and over
  • Verification on a sub-sample through a back-check procedure.
Our Multi-media surveys help generatePrint media, Television, Radio, Cinema and Outdoor media reports and study audience multi-channel exposure patterns.



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