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PARC ProfilePARC Profile

PARCProfile.pps   PARC – Profile
PARCMarRes.pps   PARC – Marketing Research Services
PARCBookY2007.pdf   PARC – Y2007 Year Book

Target Group IndexTarget Group Index   

TGIArabia.pps   TGI Arabia - Overview
TGIAirlines.ppt   TGI Airlines & Travel Sector - Case Study
TGISample.pdf   TGI Sample Report - Juices Consumers
TGIFlyerY2007.pdf   TGI Arabia Y2007
TGIMarketOverview.pdf   TGI – Market Overview
TGIUserProfiles.pdf   TGI – User Profiles
TGIBrandScenario.pdf   TGI – Brand Scenario
TGICompEnv.pdf   TGI – Competitive Environment

News & PR MonitoringNews & PR Monitoring   

NewslogIntro.ppt   Newslog - News & PR Monitoring
NewslogFlyer.pdf   Newslog Flyer Y2007
NewslogForBanks.ppt   Newslog for Banks

TV Audience RatingsTV Audience Ratings   

TVTrackKSA.ppt   TV Audience Ratings - Saudi Arabia

Advertising Monitoring ReportsAdvertising Monitoring Reports


Y2012 Analysis Reports

MarketAdvertising Markets IndexSpace Allocation & Positioning Index
All Markets aminew_all.pdf sapinew_all.pdf
GCC aminew_gcc.pdf sapinew_gcc.pdf
Pan Arab aminew_pa.pdf sapinew_pa.pdf
Levant aminew_lev.pdf sapinew_lev.pdf
Saudi Arabia aminew_ksa.pdf sapinew_ksa.pdf
UAE aminew_uae.pdf sapinew_uae.pdf
Kuwait aminew_kuw.pdf sapinew_kuw.pdf
Bahrain aminew_bah.pdf sapinew_bah.pdf
Oman aminew_om.pdf sapinew_om.pdf
Qatar aminew_qat.pdf sapinew_qat.pdf
Lebanon aminew_leb.pdf sapinew_leb.pdf
Egypt aminew_egy.pdf sapinew_egy.pdf
Jordan aminew_jor.pdf sapinew_jor.pdf

SummaryReport2011.pdf   Y2012 Summary Report


Y2011 Reports

MarketAdvertising Markets IndexSpace Allocation & Positioning Index
All Markets amiold_all.pdf sapiold_all.pdf
GCC amiold_gcc.pdf sapiold_gcc.pdf
Pan Arab amiold_pa.pdf sapiold_pa.pdf
Levant amiold_lev.pdf sapiold_lev.pdf
Saudi Arabia amiold_ksa.pdf sapiold_ksa.pdf
UAE amiold_uae.pdf sapiold_uae.pdf
Kuwait amiold_kuw.pdf sapiold_kuw.pdf
Bahrain amiold_bah.pdf sapiold_bah.pdf
Oman amiold_om.pdf sapiold_om.pdf
Qatar amiold_qat.pdf sapiold_qat.pdf
Lebanon amiold_leb.pdf sapiold_leb.pdf
Egypt amiold_egy.pdf sapiold_egy.pdf
Jordan amiold_jor.pdf sapiold_jor.pdf

SummaryReport2010.pdf   Y2011 Summary Report

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